If you use WordPress for your blog, you need to use WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface). WP-CLI gives you a quick, easy, and customizable tool to keep your blog running smoothly. You can use the vast amount of commands that are already included, or make your own by just creating a new PHP class.

Note: WP-CLI only works through SSH

Follow these instructions to install wp-cli

Now, updating your WordPress version is as easy as

$ wp core update

You can also update your themes or plugins straight from the command line.

You can update individually or you can use “–all” to update the all at once.

For example, to update your ‘googleanalytics’ plugin, navigate to your plugins folder and type

$ wp plugin update googleanalytics

If you’d like to update all plugins in the directory type

$ wp plugin update --all

You can do the same with your themes, just replace ‘plugin’ with ‘theme’.

This is just scratching the surface of what WP-CLI is capable of doing. It will definitely make keeping up with endless updates on your WordPress a little less painful.

Again, check their full list of commands or create your own!